Transition to sustainable future through training and education

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Transition to sustainable future through training and education

TRANSIT aims to provide sustainable training and reskilling programmes for current and future generations on a multidisciplinary approach in renewable energy and fuel technologies, identifying global and local challenges to realise the large deployment ambitions, covering European level and all different stakeholders’ levels.

Specifically, through support measures and activities TRANSIT will dedicate its resources and educational materials to target groups of policymakers, regulators, innovators, industry, trade associations, universities and local communities, covering the various sectorial strategies under the European Green Deal. Therefore, the TRANSIT framework establishes (i) success stories and practices that are catalogued, retained and promoted in terms of circularity and sustainable aspects, (ii) develop a hands-on training approach to revamp industry-academic curricula, and (iii) establish a web-enabled platform for the innovative and interactive multidisciplinary programme from educational campaigns to hands-on courses.

Validation of TRANSIT resources, tools, and materials including challenges, competitions and awards will pass through rigorous quality assurance that ensures that each material also takes into consideration gender balance, societal impact, and employment competencies. TRANSIT developed framework will ensure post-project life is addressed through scalability and replicability, including the deployment of the programme in partners countries through appropriate stakeholders and open access practices.



National Agency Erasmus+ Education & Training. 2021-2-NL01-KA220-HED-000048831


Maria Yarosh

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Ana Jiménez River

Alexandra Míguez Souto

Iciar de Pablo Lerchundi